Kempo Karate

Kempo is the art of in close fighting. The Kempo system is based on the Shaolin Ch'uan Fa system. It is a highly effective blend of Karate and Kung Fu techniques that offer an excellent form of self defense for all age groups. The goal at Kempo Academy is to teach students how to effectively use the Kempo technique to close the distance with an opponent and strike effectively. Please refer to our History section for a more detailed history of the Kempo system.

Tom Toy Kung Fu

Specialized Kung Fu systems are some of the more graceful and visually enjoyable martial arts systems. They are systems that focus on balance and awareness of surroundings. In comparison to the Kempo system, it can be much more physically demanding and a much longer road to self defense.

Tai Chi



Insanity Cardio

Cardio Kickboxing